jealous people live longer.  
  1. me when i go out: i should've stayed home
  2. me when i stay home: i should've gone out
  3. me when i'm around people: i want to be alone
  4. me when i'm alone: i want to be around people
  5. me when i'm mean to people: i need to be nicer
  6. me when i'm nice to people: i need to be meaner
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Do you ever go from texting someone every day to realizing you’re always the one texting first, so you eventually stop texting first to see if they ever even realize you two haven’t talked and they don’t realize so you’re just stuck silently missing them knowing it’s not even worth it anymore because they obviously don’t care


i’m a person who often wants physical affection but is also very uncomfortable and particular about physical contact


when ur bra and undies match and ur just like Hell yeah, hell yeah
Fuckin’ right Fuckin’ right, all right Hell yeah Hell yeah, hell yeah Fuckin’ right Fuckin’ right, all right


i just want to hug cute boys that are taller than me and smell good



waking up in the morning and ya scarf or durag stayed on ALL NIGHT


realest shit i ever reblogged



the color pallet trend



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